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Kooky Kid Clinic

1 Lorimer St Springwood QLD 4127
+61 7 3133 8018
Welcome to The Kooky Kid Clinic, where we consider being kooky a compliment! We have recruited highly experienced clinicians who not only provide the highest quality evidence-based medical and therapy services, but also have a playful twinkle in their eye that kids canít resist. Better yet, we regularly talk to each other about our shared cases, improving outcomes for our patients with stream-lined coordination of care and a complete wrap-around, one-stop shop for the assessment and treatment of all mental health, behavioural, and developmental problems. The homely atmosphere of the clinic is a whimsical place which connects with the imagination, curiosity, and sense of humour in the shyest little tyke or most cynical teen. If Patch Adams set up a mental health clinic for kids in suburban Brisbane, it might look something like this! Our core mission is to help kids out of painted corners, and support them reaching their full potential in the world.
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